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    • FH10069

      Speed up any prehung door line with the Full House Assembler.  With only one operator, the Assembler receives a horizontal door/hinge jamb from a door machine and automatically fastens the head to the two leg jambs.  Infeed and outfeed rollers eliminate lifting, and the Assembler’s pneumatic clamping ensures consistent and high-quality prehungs. When...

    • $12,000


      2019 FullHouse Vertical Door Loader available for immediate sale.  This loader is designed to automatically pick doors from a stack, lifts then turns the door to a vertical position ready to be fed into a vertical door machine.  This loader helps reduce operator fatigue and helps eliminate damage to doors by handling them by hand.  Ideal for any size door...

    • $3,700


      Norfield DoorTech 3000 & 3100 available for immediate sale.  The DoorTech products are a cost effective way to machine prehung door components when using automated machinery isn’t an option.  The DoorTech 3000 is fixture designed for hinge mortising the door only.  Phenolic templates are used for changing hinge size and radius.  The DoorTech 3100 is...

    • $3,500 $12,000


      Perfect for a new shop or a shop looking to expand. The legendary Norfield V85 Fast Framer will allow fast and efficient production of face frames. When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM technical support.

      $3,500 $12,000
    • $12,790


      This automatic loader provides a huge efficiency boost to any horizontal door line by eliminating 10-20 operator steps for door retrieval.  Further, the opportunity for back injuries due to lifting is eliminated.  Feed from a stack of various sizes, up to a 60 count (of interiors.)  When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person...

    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items