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    • $10,650 $12,000


      One Stop Cabinet Shop Perfect for a new shop or a shop looking to expand. The legendary Norfield V85 Fast Framer combined with the V55 Assembly Clamp Table will allow fast and efficient production of face frames. The Holzher Vertical Panel Saw has been around the block a few times but still works. And you’ll get a Grizzly 10” table saw as well. FOB CA

      $10,650 $12,000
    • $12,790


      This automatic loader provides a huge efficiency boost to any horizontal door line by eliminating 10-20 operator steps for door retrieval.  Further, the opportunity for back injuries due to lifting is eliminated.  Feed from a stack of various sizes, up to a 60 count (of interiors.)  f.o.b. VA.

    • $7,000


      Increase efficiency, speed, and quality with the Wise 2400.  One operator can assemble a prehung door frame in about 40 seconds.  Engineered to receive a hinged door from a horizontal door machine such as a Wise 8000 or Ruvo 925.  F.o.b. VA$7000 each or both for $12,000

    • $8,800


      The FH loader automatically draws from a stack of doors up to 7’ high and places each door on a horizontal feed table for presentation to a horizontal door production line.  Well suited to interior or exterior prehung door production.  This example is not currently in service and will require some repair work to be made operational. 

    • $1,250


      Clary Model 485 Door Unit Assembly Machine available for immediate sale. The model 485 will clamp door unit components securely to facilitate faster and easier door unit assembly and hardware application. 2 tables available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $300


      Metal door cart available for sale. Capable of moving single and double door units. 4 carts available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $700


      Roller / Casing Application Table available for immediate sale. This roller table can be used by one operator to apply casing to finished door units. One fixed side and one moveable side allows the operator to manually adjust for different door widths. 2 table available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $6,500


      2007 Ruvo Tilt Table available for immediate sale. The Tilt Table is designed to allow one operator to apply brick mold or casing to an entire single door unit. Once casing is applied the operator can stand the finished unit in the upright position. FOB Kansas

    • $15,100 $19,700


      The 700C assembles residential interior prehung door frames with one operator. Usually positioned following a horizontal automatic door machine, this electronically controlled machine cycles in about 20 seconds, consistent with production of 200-600 doors/day. Very good condition and available for immediate sale. F.O.B. IL.

      $15,100 $19,700
    • $2,200 $3,300


      The 700V uses the same beveller assembly as found on the Norfield Magnum. This machine features a 5 hp beveller motor, dual power feed wheels to control feed rate, and adjustable flap sanding wheels to ease the sharp corners for a finished door stile. F.o.b. OH.

      $2,200 $3,300
    Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items