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    • NF10226G

      Speed up production and reduce chance of injury with the Magnum Door Loader.  The MDL rotates a stack of doors (up to 48” tall and 2,800lbs) from horizontal to vertical and aligns the top door with the infeed bed of your vertical door machine.  As each door is drawn into the door machine, the Loader automatically indexes the stack to present the next door...

    • NF10224

      Norfield DoorTech 3300, 3000 & RTS-4 Available for immediate sale.  The 3300 is designed to machine hinge and strike jambs by using interchangeable templates and hand held routers.  The 3000 mortises for door hinges quickly and with dependable accuracy. The RTS-4 is a single unit that can machine strike plates, flush bolts, latch mortises and more....

    • $3,480


      Convert your vertical door machine into a production line with the Magnum Unloader.  As a door feeds out of the door machine onto the Unloader, the operator steps on a pedal to rotate the door to horizontal for feeding onto an assembly bench or machine.  The Unloader speeds up production by eliminating double handling, and removes the chance for injury...

    • $8,800


      The FH loader automatically draws from a stack of doors up to 7’ high and places each door on a horizontal feed table for presentation to a horizontal door production line.  Well suited to interior or exterior prehung door production.  This example is not currently in service and will require some repair work to be made operational. 

    • $3,000


      Signode LB-2300 Strapping Machine available for immediate sale.  The Signode LB-2300 plastic strapping machine has the highest available speed, the most reliable performance and lowest maintenance operation of any general-duty strapping machine on the market today.  Chute inner dimensions are: 28” W x 20” H.  FOB California.

    • $1,250


      Clary Model 485 Door Unit Assembly Machine available for immediate sale. The model 485 will clamp door unit components securely to facilitate faster and easier door unit assembly and hardware application. 3 tables available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $4,500 $7,000


      Holz-Her 1528 Case Clamp available for immediate sale. Adjusts easily for different size cabinets. Clamping beams move freely on track guided rollers locking securely to preset stops. FOB Nebraska State.

      $4,500 $7,000
    • $300


      Metal door cart available for sale. Capable of moving single and double door units. 4 carts available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $700


      Roller / Casing Application Table available for immediate sale. This roller table can be used by one operator to apply casing to finished door units. One fixed side and one moveable side allows the operator to manually adjust for different door widths. 2 table available. FOB Mississippi State.

    • $5,000 $8,500


      Ruvo 1100 Door Sizer Beveller available for immediate sale. The model 1100 will machine both interior and exterior doors and feeds them automatically. Bevel doors at either 0-3 degrees. Installation and training available. FOB Nebraska State.

      $5,000 $8,500
    • $6,500


      2007 Ruvo Tilt Table available for immediate sale. The Tilt Table is designed to allow one operator to apply brick mold or casing to an entire single door unit. Once casing is applied the operator can stand the finished unit in the upright position. FOB Kansas

    • $15,100 $19,700


      The 700C assembles residential interior prehung door frames with one operator. Usually positioned following a horizontal automatic door machine, this electronically controlled machine cycles in about 20 seconds, consistent with production of 200-600 doors/day. Very good condition and available for immediate sale. F.O.B. IL.

      $15,100 $19,700
    Showing 1 - 12 of 13 items