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  • KV10035

    1992 KVAL 555 Door Sizer available for immediate sale.  The 555 is designed to work inline or as a stand-alone machine for beveling / sizing door slabs.  This machine will bevel and under size the door to ensure a perfect reveal.  FOB Colorado.

  • $5,300


    Features 40 loads per hour, takes up very little amount of space. Use to wrap up door or jambs quickly and efficiently. Can wrap a product up to 86" and 3300lbs

  • $3,480


    Convert your vertical door machine into a production line with the Magnum Unloader.  As a door feeds out of the door machine onto the Unloader, the operator steps on a pedal to rotate the door to horizontal for feeding onto an assembly bench or machine.  The Unloader speeds up production by eliminating double handling, and removes the chance for injury...

  • $8,800


    The FH loader automatically draws from a stack of doors up to 7’ high and places each door on a horizontal feed table for presentation to a horizontal door production line.  Well suited to interior or exterior prehung door production.  This example is not currently in service and will require some repair work to be made operational. 

  • $3,600


     The Backsaver speeds up production for any vertical door machine by minimizing operator motion.  Instead of walking to and from door stacks, the Backsaver presents each door to the machine automatically.  A second benefit is reduced opportunity for operator injuries due to manually lifting doors - the machine does the work for you.  Hence the name!

  • $4,170


    2017 Norfield 360S Rotating Tilt Table available for immediate sale.  The 360S is a pneumatic staging table designed for orienting a door unit (or slab) in the correct position for finishing, packaging or shipping.  FOB California

  • $13,100


    The Magnum Loader assists door production for any shop using a vertical door machine.  The Mag Loader rotates a stack of doors from horizontal to vertical, then presents each door to the infeed bed of the door machine.  Be eliminating manual lifting, this machine reduces fatigue and chances for injury.  The Mag Loader is also a big time saver as the...

  • $3,000


    Signode LB-2300 Strapping Machine available for immediate sale.  The Signode LB-2300 plastic strapping machine has the highest available speed, the most reliable performance and lowest maintenance operation of any general-duty strapping machine on the market today.  Chute inner dimensions are: 28” W x 20” H.  FOB California.

  • $1,250


    Clary Model 485 Door Unit Assembly Machine available for immediate sale. The model 485 will clamp door unit components securely to facilitate faster and easier door unit assembly and hardware application. 3 tables available. FOB Mississippi State.

  • $4,500 $7,000


    Holz-Her 1528 Case Clamp available for immediate sale. Adjusts easily for different size cabinets. Clamping beams move freely on track guided rollers locking securely to preset stops. FOB Nebraska State.

    $4,500 $7,000
  • $300


    Metal door cart available for sale. Capable of moving single and double door units. 4 carts available. FOB Mississippi State.

  • $700


    Roller / Casing Application Table available for immediate sale. This roller table can be used by one operator to apply casing to finished door units. One fixed side and one moveable side allows the operator to manually adjust for different door widths. 2 table available. FOB Mississippi State.

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items