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    • NF10463

      Norfield 3800LRO Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LRO includes an overhead template to eliminate the need for plywood templates when cutting 22’ x 36” & 22” 64” half and full lites.  All other patterns require wood templates.  This machine also includes latch drilling and faceplate routing.  I deal for any size door shop....

    • KV10066

      Kval DL-2 available for immediate sale. This Door Lite cutter is perfect for any small to medium door shop looking to up the production of Exterior doors. This Lite cutter requires no templates for rectangular cutouts. It is 8’ door capable; has an efficient flow through design to ensure no delay in production and includes an optional Latch Drill to make...

    • NF10460C

      Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LR utilizes wooden templates for cutting any door lite/glass design on the face of the door.  Standard features include lock boring and the “LR” option includes faceplate routing and latch drilling.  Ideal for any size door shop.  Recently tuned up by a Norfield Technician with a new...

    • $8,600


      Speed up exterior door assembly and improve safety with the Full House Hanger.  The Hanger provides a convenient work station for assembling single exterior doors.  After installing a lite kit, the Hanger will lift and flip the door panel.  Once assembly is complete, operators roll the finished unit to the tilt station which stands up the door for easy...

    • $8,500


      FullHouse Swinger available for immediate sale.  The Swinger is used to quickly and accurately process metal, wood and fiberglass doors for customer lites. Includes edge preparation (latch drill and faceplate routing) along with lock boring.  This machine is reduced in price due to parts needing to be added (included with the machine from FullHouse)....

    • $19,000 $33,550


      The fully automated DL-NC requires no templates for ANY shape cutouts, so it’s fast.  Choose the desired program, then walk away while the machine automatically preps the door for the lite and a single or double bore in the face of the door.  Automated tool change allows hands-free transition between steel and fiberglass doors.  Safety is also improved...

      $19,000 $33,550
    Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items