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    • KV10073

      Prep exterior doors quickly and easily with the Kval DL-2.  No templates required for rectangular cutouts.  This machine includes powered latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  Also, the “DH” designation indicates dual cutting heads.  This means no tooling change when switching between steel and fiberglass doors; just dedicate one head to steel, the other...

    • $18,300


      Save inventory costs and shorten your lead times with the Norfield 3800LR.  This popular lite cutter allows the user to inventory a small number of slabs while still offering a wide variety of exterior prehungs – just cut out a 6-panel or blank-top door to suit the order.  This 3800 also features powered latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  Excellent...

    • $8,400


      Good example of the popular and rugged 3800.  This simple design enables easy door lite cutting through both skins following a plywood template clamped to the door surface.  This “LR” also features powered latch drilling and faceplate mortising.  Available for immediate sale. When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM...

    • $45,700 $58,800


      Fully automated door lite cutting system for high volume production.  Includes:       Handler automatic door loader draws from two door stacks,        DL-NCA programmable automatic door lite cutter with dual heads for quick change between steel and fiberglass,        EP-1 automatic edge prep machine bores for latch and mortises faceplate pocket.Was in...

      $45,700 $58,800
    • $19,000 $33,550


      The fully automated DL-NC requires no templates for ANY shape cutouts, so it’s fast.  Choose the desired program, then walk away while the machine automatically preps the door for the lite and a single or double bore in the face of the door.  Automated tool change allows hands-free transition between steel and fiberglass doors.  Safety is also improved...

      $19,000 $33,550
    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items