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  • NF10317G

    Make more doors in less time with the Norfield EDM exterior door assembly line.  This 8-0-capable machine does all the hard work for you with a lite insertion platform, door flipping device, frame clamps, and a finished door tilting table for easy off-loading.  Excellent condition and includes a 90-day parts warranty.  Available for immediate shipment.

  • $34,800 $36,800


    The “Sig Mag” is the #1 best-selling used door machine on the market.  Many users produce over 100 prehungs per day. With infinite flexibility, the Magnum will process residential, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 x 8-0.  The Mag also features a power-fed door sizer/beveler.  Outstanding parts and service support available from Norfield.  This...

    $34,800 $36,800
  • $22,800


    After 35+ years on the market, the fast and versatile 3800 remains a popular choice for exterior door shops.  This 3800 cuts out an infinite variety of lite shapes in steel, fiberglass, and wood doors, but also features a powered latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  In addition to an optional 8-0 stop bar, the optional Overhead Template holder is also...

  • $152,000


    The 5000 System is the “race car” of door machines, capable of producing 400+ doors/day.  The 3-stage line includes a 530 Automatic Door Loader, 5000MC Automatic Door Machine (with auto predrills and auto hinge applicators), and a 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  The price includes a 90-day parts warranty and on-site start-up from a Norfield...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items