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  • NF10205G

    Norfield’s fastest prehung door machine, this 5000HS (High Speed option) is capable of producing a finished prehung unit every 25-30 seconds, equivalent to 600-800 doors/day.  This complete system includes the model 530 automatic loader, and model 540 automatic assembly machine.  Key features:         Double-bowl automatic screwfeeding         Automatic...

  • $3,480


    Convert your vertical door machine into a production line with the Magnum Unloader.  As a door feeds out of the door machine onto the Unloader, the operator steps on a pedal to rotate the door to horizontal for feeding onto an assembly bench or machine.  The Unloader speeds up production by eliminating double handling, and removes the chance for injury...

  • $3,800 $4,280


    Perfect for the small to medium sized prehung door shop, the double-ended Ruvo 808 can produce 8-12 pieces per minute, casing or stop, legs or heads.  An added benefit of the 808 is its compact footprint – feed & eject are both on the same side, so the machine can be positioned against a wall.

    $3,800 $4,280
  • $15,800


    2004 Norfield 1020K Trim Saw available for immediate sale.  This machine is designed to miter casing/trim up to 3-1/2” wide and up to 25 pieces per minute.   Kerfing option has been removed from this machine and will include upgraded guards.  Serviced and tuned up by a Norfield Technician and includes a 90 day parts warranty. Installation and training...

  • $159,000 $175,000


         Complete 3-stage Eagle prehung door system capable of 400+ doors/day, including 8-0’s.  Features: Model 530 Automatic Door Loader – feeds from 7’-high door stack of various widths Eagle machining center with auto predrills and hinge applicator Model 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine with staplers and shipping nailers 90-day parts warranty...

    $159,000 $175,000
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items