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  • $12,817


    Speed up production and improve quality with the original Stop Stitcher.  When producing flat jamb prehungs, the 450 makes short work of pre-applying stop to the jambs, which eliminates this bottleneck on the production line.  Additionally, you’ll produce a better door: correct fastener locations, correct fastener count, correct countersink.  And it’s...

  • $47,317


    A fine example of the #1 selling door machine on the market.  The legendary Signature Magnum combines speed with infinite flexibility.  Well suited for 25-100+ doors/day, the Mag runs doors up to 4-0 x 9-0 with quick change-overs, and handles specials such as cut-downs and custom doors.  This Magnum also features a power-fed door sizer/beveller with edge...

  • $25,500


    1997 Norfield “95 Mag” available for immediate sale.  The 95 Magnum was the first vertical door machine to introduce infinite door width adjustment, DC variable speed power feed and a long list of improvements over the previous industry leading vertical machine.  This machine was in use up until disconnected from service in August of 2020.  This machine...

  • $23,910


    Make more doors in less time with the Norfield EDM exterior door assembly line.  This 8-0-capable machine does all the hard work for you with a lite insertion platform, door flipping device, frame clamps, and a finished door tilting table for easy off-loading.  Excellent condition and includes a 90-day parts warranty.  Available for immediate shipment.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items