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  • $45,000


    2006 Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for immediate sale.  This machine is in excellent condition and includes two hinge routers and new insert cutting tools.  Recently tuned up and tested this machine is ready to start producing doors!  Price includes onsite training and installation and a 90 day parts warranty.  FOB CA

  • $23,910


    Make more doors in less time with the Norfield EDM exterior door assembly line.  This 8-0-capable machine does all the hard work for you with a lite insertion platform, door flipping device, frame clamps, and a finished door tilting table for easy off-loading.  Excellent condition and includes a 90-day parts warranty.  Available for immediate shipment.

  • $152,000


    The 5000 System is the “race car” of door machines, capable of producing 400+ doors/day.  The 3-stage line includes a 530 Automatic Door Loader, 5000MC Automatic Door Machine (with auto predrills and auto hinge applicators), and a 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  The price includes a 90-day parts warranty and on-site start-up from a Norfield...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items