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  • NF10236G

    The 1020 is a precise, double-ended casing saw capable of cutting casing legs and heads at a rate of 20-30 ppm.  This late-model example is a doorshop Certified Pre-Owned which carries a 90-day parts warranty.  Can be demonstrated.  F.o.b. NC.

  • NF10233

    1993 Norfield 1020 Trim Saw available for immediate sale.  This machine is designed to miter casing/trim up to 3-1/2” wide and up to 25 pieces per minute.  The kerfing option for this machine has been removed.   Installation and training available. FOB Missouri

  • NF10232G

    Convert your vertical door machine into a production line with the Magnum Unloader.  As a door feeds out of the door machine onto the Unloader, the operator steps on a pedal to rotate the door to horizontal for feeding onto an assembly bench or machine.  The Unloader speeds up production by eliminating double handling, and removes the chance for injury...

  • KV10040C

    Call for price This complete Commander system includes a Handler Door Loader, Commander Door Machine, and 700-C Assembly Machine.  The automatic Commander is known for speed and versatility, enabling 100-300 doors/day with quick change over between 6-8’s and 8-0’s.  Other features include: Flush hinge mortising in double beveled doors Travelling 6-bit...

  • NF10231

    2004 Norfield 4100 Assembly Station available for immediate sale. This is a machine for the assembly of interior and exterior doors and jambs. This machine can be operated inline with a door machining center such as the Norfield 5000, 4000 or many other types of door machines. It can be operated independently from the door machine as well.  FOB AB Canada

    $5,000 $13,500
  • FH10034

    This Full House is late model and in great shape; surplus due to consolidation.  Capable of 6-8’s AND 8-0’s, this complete line includes a full size Loader (front feed), Marquise L door machine WITH auto screwfeeding and hinge applicator, and Assembler.  For added value the door machine features quiet and long-lasting high frequency router motors.  Cycle...

  • $1,350


    The 250M offers a quick method for prepping strike jambs. Interchangeable templates from Norfield allow for machining interior, exterior, or head jambs for ball catch strikes. FOB AL

  • $4,600


    Among swing-arm-style lite cutters, the Norfield 3800 is the most robust and best supported machine on the market.  The 3800 will cut out an infinite variety of lite shapes using user-made plywood templates.  The machine also features an integrated lock bore template. F.O.B. AL

  • $5,450


    1974 Norfield Pro Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Pro is capable of producing prehung doors up to 3-0 x 7-0, interior or exterior.  This machine includes a integrated door beveller and automatic lock and latch boring.  Installation and training available.  FOB AL

  • $8,700


    Increase the production of your casing-cutting operation with the RUVO 855- Hopper Fed Casing Saw. Single person operation. The design of the machine allows scrap and sawdust to fall straight down, avoiding the jamming and cleaning problems common with upward cutting trim saws. FOB AL

  • $32,000


    The most popular machine in the industry, the Norfield Magnum is the do-anything door machine.  The Mag is ideally suited for prehanging residential doors, exterior doors, architectural, or commercial doors.  Positive stops enable repeatability for standard hinge/lock configurations, but the Mag also allows for easy set up for special hardware patterns...

  • $42,500


    $42,500 as is or $68,500 reconditioned   The Commander is a versatile and productive door machine capable of running 8-0 doors with 5/8” or ¼” radius hinge corners.  This automatic machine processes both the door and hinge jamb, and also features a travelling predrill module.  The Commander is well suited to a door shop requiring 100-200 doors/day.  FOB OH

Showing 1 - 12 of 58 items