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  • KV10068

    KVAL Commander & 920C Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Commander is capable of running interior, exterior or commercial doors.  This machine will automatically hinge mortise the door and jamb together while the lock side preps for latch, faceplate and lock bore.  The 920C is a manual strike jamb router capable of machining both...

  • FH10067

    Speed up any prehung door line with the Full House Assembler.  With only one operator, the Assembler receives a horizontal door/hinge jamb from a door machine and automatically fastens the head to the two leg jambs.  Infeed and outfeed rollers eliminate lifting, and the Assembler’s pneumatic clamping ensures consistent and high-quality prehungs.  Recently...

  • $8,400


    The legendary Norfield Magnum is perfect for the start-up prehung door shop.  The Mag processes interior and exterior doors up to 8-0 tall; mortises hinge pockets in door and jamb, automatically drills lock and latch, and mortises the door edge for faceplate.  The Magnum ALSO features a power-fed door beveller with edge easing sanders.  Available for...

  • $32,790


    For high speed production of 80” prehungs, the 4000 is excellent.  The 4000’s clever design enables the operator to begin hinge installation only 8 seconds after cycle start.  As he sets the hinge screws, the machine automatically drills and routs the door for lock, latch, and faceplate.  This package also includes the model 4200 Door Loader, which...

  • $56,129


    Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Signature Series Magnum is the most popular vertical door machine in the market and can be used to machine interior, exterior, commercial and architectural doors.  Capable of prehanging up to 100 + doors day.  Includes two index bars, predrill and screw driver.  This Magnum has been...

  • $24,970


    Norfield “95” Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Magnum has been the industry leader for vertical door machines for over 50 years.  The Magnum will bevel, drill for lock and latch and mortise for hinge and faceplate.  Capable of machining both interior and exterior doors.  Includes screw driver, predrill, 2 index bars and vacuum.  

  • $3,200


    The Norfield BCM provides a fast, consistent, and safe process for boring doors for ball catch hardware.  No more jigs or hand-held power tools.  Just place a door in the machine, depress the pedal to actuate pneumatic clamps, then rock the lever to auto-start the drill and stroke into the door.  A self-centering mechanism ensures a consistent, high...

  • $4,032


    With thousands of copies in operation, the 250M is Norfield’s best-selling machine.  Prep interior or exterior strike jambs, and ball catch jamb heads, at a rate of 3-4 pieces/minute using this template-based design.  Built-in adjustable stops and pneumatic clamps secure the jamb for precise positioning of the mortise, and this 250M also includes deadbolt...

  • $52,000 $62,340


    Norfield Signature Series Magnum, Loader and Unloader available immediately.  This line includes the Magnum Door Loader for assisted feeding of doors into the Magnum.  The Signature Series Magnum is one of the most popular vertical door machines on the market capable of machining interior, exterior and commercial doors.  The Magnum Unloader takes the door...

    $52,000 $62,340
  • $13,500 $17,100


    Norfield 3800LRO Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LRO includes an overhead template to eliminate the need for plywood templates when cutting 22’ x 36” & 22” 64” half and full lites.  All other patterns require wood templates.  This machine also includes latch drilling and faceplate routing.  I deal for any size door shop....

    $13,500 $17,100
  • $13,530


    Produce high volumes of casing legs and heads with the Norfield 1020.  Automated cycling and the hopper-feed design enable speeds up to 20 ppm.  The double-ended 1020 cuts a 90 or 45 on both ends of each piece.  This copy includes the dust collection option without vacuum.  Available for immediate sale. When purchasing any used machine, consult your...

  • $9,600


    Kval DL-2 available for immediate sale. This Door Lite cutter is perfect for any small to medium door shop looking to up the production of Exterior doors. This Lite cutter requires no templates for rectangular cutouts. It is 8’ door capable; has an efficient flow through design to ensure no delay in production and includes an optional Latch Drill to make...

Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items