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  • NF10284G

    Produce up to 100 prehung doors/day with the 95-Series Magnum door machine.  Well suited to modern millwork trends, this Mag processes 6-8’s and 8-0’s with 30-second change-overs.  Other features and capabilities: infinite door width adjustment; raised moulding capable; no floor holes needed; flush hinge mortising in square or beveled doors; built-in door...

  • NF10283G

    Produce interior or exterior strike jambs quickly and easily with the 250M.  Pneumatic clamps hold the jamb in place while the operator follows a template with the router assembly.  This example includes deadbolt stops and a current-style Dewalt router.  Custom templates readily available from Norfield.  Price includes 90-day parts warranty. FOB NC

  • NF10282G proudly offers this “low miles” Signature Magnum, the most popular door machine in the industry.  The Magnum combines fast throughput with infinite flexibility and quick change-overs.  Process residential, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 x 9-0.  Hinge pockets in the jamb are mortised simultaneously with the door.  The Magnum also...

  • KV10045

    1996 KVAL 990 F3 System available for immediate sale.  This system includes the 900 F3 Machining Center, 700C Assembly Station and the Handler Door Loader.  The 990 F3 is one of the most productive pre-hanger systems available in the industry with cycle times ranging from 30-35 seconds.  This system is equipped with the optional 6-shooter hinge applicator...

  • NF10281C

    Norfield Signature Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Signature Series Magnum includes infinite door width adjustment, 8-0 door capability with quick change-overs to other heights; integrated heavy-duty door beveler with 2-1/4” capability; raised moulding capability; automatic lock drilling; and power-assisted faceplate mortising....

  • NF10280C

    The 5000 System is the “race car” of door machines, capable of producing 400+ doors/day.  The 3-stage line includes a 530 Automatic Door Loader, 5000MC Automatic Door Machine (with auto predrills and auto hinge applicators), and a 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  The price includes a 90-day parts warranty and on-site start-up from a Norfield...

  • FH10038

    The Trimmer enables fast production of casing legs and heads thanks to the double-ended automatic cutting cycle and flow-through design.  Available for immediate sale.  FL

  • $13,000


    1974 Norfield Pro & 1999 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Pro is very similar to the industry leading Magnum but will only process doors up to 7’0” tall and 3’-0” wide.  The 250M has the current DeWalt 616 upgrade and both are ready to produce doors  Installation and training available.  FOB WA

  • $47,861


    This BRAND NEW 3800 features the Overhead Template Holder, automatic faceplate mortising, and powered latch drill.  As a new Norfield machine, the price also includes a 2-year parts warranty and on-site start-up by a Norfield factory technician.  Available for immediate sale. F.O.B. NC Literature

  • $7,000


    The 3800 is the preferred machine for processing metal, wood and fiberglass exterior doors for door lites and lock installation. This LR Model includes latch drilling, faceplate routing.  This machine available for immediate sale.  Installation and training available. F.O.B. KS

  • $7,000 $9,000


    FullHouse Stop Stitcher available for immediate sale.  The FTSS is a high production semi-automated machine that applies stop to flat jambs.  This machine is currently in use and ready to go.  Ideal for any size shop.  FOB CA  

    $7,000 $9,000
  • $22,800


    With hundreds of copies in daily service, the 3800 is a proven workhorse.  Cut out steel, fiberglass, or wood doors.  Follow a template on the door, or use the Overhead Template Holder for increased efficiency.  This machine also features powered latch drilling and faceplate mortising. Includes on-site start-up from a Norfield technician. FOB NC

Showing 1 - 12 of 57 items