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  • NF10267

    One Stop Cabinet Shop Perfect for a new shop or a shop looking to expand. The legendary Norfield V85 Fast Framer combined with the V55 Assembly Clamp Table will allow fast and efficient production of face frames. The Holzher Vertical Panel Saw has been around the block a few times but still works. And you’ll get a Grizzly 10” table saw as well. FOB CA

  • WS10008

    This automatic loader provides a huge efficiency boost to any horizontal door line by eliminating 10-20 operator steps for door retrieval.  Further, the opportunity for back injuries due to lifting is eliminated.  Feed from a stack of various sizes, up to a 60 count (of interiors.)  f.o.b. VA.

  • WS10007

    Simple, manual machine for quickly producing interior or exterior strike jambs.  Available for immediate shipment.  F.o.b. VA

  • WS10006

    Increase efficiency, speed, and quality with the Wise 2400.  One operator can assemble a prehung door frame in about 40 seconds.  Engineered to receive a hinged door from a horizontal door machine such as a Wise 8000 or Ruvo 925.  F.o.b. VA$7000 each or both for $12,000

  • NF10266

    1986 Norfield 1020 Trim Saw available for immediate sale.  This machine is designed to miter casing/trim up to 3-1/2” wide and up to 25 pieces per minute.  This machine is currently in use and ready for purchase. Installation and training available. FOB Utah

  • NF10265G

    Protect your doors from shipping damage with this fully automated wrapping machine.  Accepts prehungs or slabs up to 4-0. FOB NC

    $37,000 $42,000
  • $14,690


    The perfect machine for a small or start-up door shop.  This late-model “rev” Mag processes doors and jambs up to 8-0, and features semi-automatic lock prep.  A door beveler/sizer is built in.  Many Mag users produce 75+ doors/day.  Excellent parts and service support from Norfield.  Start-up and training available for extra charge.  FOB NC

  • $4,900


    1982 Classic 3800FL will machine wood, fiberglass, and metal doors. Does lite cut out, plus lock, latch, and face plate routing.  F.O.B. MT

  • $11,880


    The fast and versatile 505 is a great machine for small/medium sized, or start-up doorshop.  This Ruvo mortises doors and jambs up to 9-0 with infinite flexibility for hinge locations and door width.  Lock prep is semiautomatic for both single or double bore doors.  Also an integrated power-fed beveler allows for custom door sizing.  Available for...

  • $19,375


    Norfield Magnum Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Magnum is capable of producing prehung doors up to 4-0 x 8-0, interior and exterior. This Mag has several upgrades including a new processor. Also included is new air tools for hinge application. Installation and training available at an additional cost.  FOB TN

  • $9,400


    Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale. The 3800 processes metal, wood and fiberglass exterior doors for door lites and lock installation. This LR Model includes latch drilling, faceplate routing.  Currently in use and ready to sell.   Installation and training available. F.O.B. TN

  • $36,300


    The Signature Series Magnum is the benchmark machine in the door industry.  This excellent condition example is virtually identical in design to the current Norfield Sig Mag.  Key features:        Capable of 100+ doors/day.        Infinite width adjustment 1-0 to 4-0; heights up to 9-0.        Flush hinge mortising in square or beveled doors....

Showing 1 - 12 of 68 items