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  • NF10434

    2006 Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LR is designed to cut door lites and lock bores in wood, fiberglass and steel doors.  The LR option includes edge preparation (latch & faceplate) for wood edge doors.  This machine has been well taken care of and is ready to go.  When purchasing any used machine, consult...

  • FH10055

    Excellent package for the small or start-up prehung door shop.  The Full House Diamond mortises the door and jamb for hinges simultaneously, and also preps the door for lock automatically.  Change from 6-8 to 8-0 in just seconds.  Great for 50-75 doors/day.  This package also includes a Kval 920-C manual strike jamb router for complete prehanging...

  • NF10433G

    Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for sale. This Magnum is the go to vertical door machine in the prehanging industry.  Capable of beveling, lock & latch drilling, hinge mortising & face plate routing. This machine is ideal for any type of door shop including residential, commercial and architectural. This Magnum has been recently tuned...

  • $35,270


    This is the complete package and it’s in great shape: the Maverick prehung door machine with beveller and dust collector (similar to a Norfield Signature Magnum), plus the DT-503 Manual Strike Jamb Router.  The Maverick quickly processes interior and exterior doors and jambs in a wide variety of widths and heights up to 8-0.  Change-overs are fast and...

  • $17,890


    Speed up production, reduce injuries, and minimize worker fatigue with the Magnum Loader.  Compatible with nearly any vertical door machine, the Loader eliminates manual door lifting while also reducing worker motion to retrieve doors from a stack.  The Mag Loader rolls a horizontal door stack to vertical, then presents each door to the infeed bed; the...

  • $18,250


    The 350H has been designed to prep your exterior doors and jambs for hinges. It has the entire hinge routing capabilities of the Norfield Magnum at 1/4 of the price of a Magnum. Do the lite cutout and lock prep in your door lite machine, install the lite and then use the 350H to mortise and install the hinges on the door and jamb. When purchasing any used...

  • $2,920


    Prep strike jambs quickly and easily with the popular 250M.  No “set-up” required – just insert the jamb and start routing.  The 250 is well suited to interior or exterior jambs, and ball catch jamb heads.  Standard and custom templates are inexpensive and readily available from Norfield.  In operation and available for immediate shipment.  (Extra crating...

  • $4,180


    Prehang interior, exterior, and custom doors up to 8-0 with the Norfield Magnum.  Capable of 50+ doors/day, the Magnum mortises the door and jamb for hinges, drills the door for lock and latch, and mortises for the faceplate.  The Magnum also features a power-fed door beveller.  This seller is also offering a Norfield 250M strike jamb router (listing...

  • $34,500


    2018 FullHouse Diamond 3001 Door Machine & Striker available for immediate sale.  This Diamond includes hinges mortising, lock & latch drilling and faceplate routing (no beveller) and dust collector.  Also included is the FullHouse Striker for processing strike jambs.  These two machine together can produce up to 100 prehung doors per day.  Ideal...

  • $29,450


    This 1995 Magnum 95 Door Machine comes with a 1988 250M Strike Router, and ten index bars for easy changes for different hinge patterns.  Perfect pre-hung door machine to start or expand your shop.  Create a consistent product every time, with any specs (including 8-0), thanks to the versatility of a Magnum. Save time, money and increase production with...

  • $5,890


    This full-featured 3800 includes a powered latch drill and two powered faceplate mortisors, one for wood edge and one for steel edge doors.  Operating a 3800 is fast and simple: place then door on the bed, then place a plywood template on the door; pneumatic clamps hold door and template in place while the operator guides the robust cutting head around...

  • $4,830


    Fast and infinitely versatile, the 260MX is the most popular strike jamb machine in the industry.  The 260 features an extended template holder for producing BOTH interior and double-prep exterior strikes without changing the template or repositioning the jamb.  The 260 is also perfect for producing ball catch head jambs; just insert the ball catch...

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items