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  • $13,900


    Like-new condition; never placed in service since new in 2017.  The 350 is a manual hinge mortisor that processes the door and/or the hinge jamb using the same machinery as the top section of a Signature Series Magnum.  Routing is fast and change-overs (up to 8-0) are simple.  Well-suited to prepping 100+ jambs/day. Dust collection vacuum is included....

  • $1,500


    1979 Norfield 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The 250M is designed to mortise strike plates for lock and dead bolt preparation with over 700 custom templates available for purchase.  This machine includes the new laser alignment kit for quick reference on plate locations.  FOB Saskatchewan.

  • $29,500 $38,500


    2017 Vega DJP-RCE Jamb End Saw This touchscreen-controlled, automatic saw from Vega rabbets door jambs and trims for length.  Cycle time is only seconds as two saws perform the work on each end.  The DJP will process interior jambs, but the primary purpose is to prep exterior, single-rabbeted jambs.  Automatic hinge mortising can be added by Vega....

    $29,500 $38,500
  • $16,500 $18,500


    The original Stop Stitcher, the model 450 automatically attaches door stop to leg and head jambs at a rate of 10 jambs/minute.  Stop backset is precise, as is fastener quantity and location.  The Stitcher relieves the bottleneck in a prehung door line as it eliminates time on the line for manual stop installation.  Rebuilt with 90-day parts warranty.

    $16,500 $18,500
  • $2,100


    Prep strike jambs at a rate of 2-4 jambs per minute with this template-based, manual strike machine.  Templates are quick-change, and material stops ensure consistent and precise mortise location. 

  • $2,500


    1994 Norfield 250MH Strike & Hinge Jamb Router available for immediate sale.  The strike portion of this machine utilizes interchangeable templates for processing interior and exterior strike plates.  The top section of the machine is designed for hinge jamb mortising but is missing the hinge router carriage.  FOB Missouri

  • $1,820


    The 250M offers a quick method for prepping strike jambs. Interchangeable templates from Norfield allow for machining interior, exterior, or head jambs for ball catch strikes.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items