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  • NF10283G

    Produce interior or exterior strike jambs quickly and easily with the 250M.  Pneumatic clamps hold the jamb in place while the operator follows a template with the router assembly.  This example includes deadbolt stops and a current-style Dewalt router.  Custom templates readily available from Norfield.  Price includes 90-day parts warranty. FOB NC

  • $7,000 $9,000


    FullHouse Stop Stitcher available for immediate sale.  The FTSS is a high production semi-automated machine that applies stop to flat jambs.  This machine is currently in use and ready to go.  Ideal for any size shop.  FOB CA  

    $7,000 $9,000
  • $1,780


    Simple, manual machine for quickly producing interior or exterior strike jambs.  Available for immediate shipment.  F.o.b. VA

  • $7,000


    Increase efficiency, speed, and quality with the Wise 2400.  One operator can assemble a prehung door frame in about 40 seconds.  Engineered to receive a hinged door from a horizontal door machine such as a Wise 8000 or Ruvo 925.  F.o.b. VA$7000 each or both for $12,000

  • $16,500 $18,500


    The original Stop Stitcher, the model 450 automatically attaches door stop to leg and head jambs at a rate of 10 jambs/minute.  Stop backset is precise, as is fastener quantity and location.  The Stitcher relieves the bottleneck in a prehung door line as it eliminates time on the line for manual stop installation.  Rebuilt with 90-day parts warranty from...

    $16,500 $18,500
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items