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    • $12,817


      Speed up production and improve quality with the original Stop Stitcher.  When producing flat jamb prehungs, the 450 makes short work of pre-applying stop to the jambs, which eliminates this bottleneck on the production line.  Additionally, you’ll produce a better door: correct fastener locations, correct fastener count, correct countersink.  And it’s...

    • $3,400


      Pre-apply door stop to jambs for a faster door production line and higher product quality.  After placing a jamb and stop in the 3200, the machine clamps the parts and fires 7 or 8 fasteners simultaneously.  8-0 capable.  Count on consistent fastener count, placement, and countersink.  FOB VA

    • $2,870


      Speed up door production and improve product quality with the Ruvo 1600.  Pneumatic clamping and a fixed fastening tools ensure the correct spacing, location, countersink, and quantity on every jamb.  Just place the jamb and stop in the machine and all guns fire simultaneously.  This process eliminates stop application on your door production line....

    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items