Used Machinery Installation / Training has an established network of trusted Authorized Service Providers that are available for installation and training of any used door machines purchased through These machines include pre-hung door machinery, trim saws, door lite cutters, strike routers, hinge routers, stop stitchers, exterior door assembly systems and other similar used millwork machinery. This service is optional and maybe considered when purchasing your used machine. Our network of Authorized Service Providers have experience servicing all manufacturers of pre-hung door machinery including Norfield, KVAL, Ruvo, Full House, Wise, Builders Automation Machinery, Dotul and Vega Automation. Here are a few reasons to consider adding installation to your purchase:

  •  Training your personnel on proper use and maintenance
  •  Adjusting or setting to your companies specifications
  •  Tune up to machinery that is being sold "as is"
  •  Upgrading capabilities to fit current market needs