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  • $4,680


    Prep your own exterior jamb ends with the unique Single Dado machine from Full House.  Operated similar to a strike router, the SDJR pneumatically clamps the jamb while the operator routs off the stop for sill and head.  This enables the user to inventory linear material instead of lefts and rights, which saves cost. When purchasing any used machine,...

  • $8,400


    Convert your lineal exterior jamb stock into usable hinge and strike jambs with this Vega dado machine.  Automatic saws cut off the door stop for head and sill.  Available immediately. When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM technical support.

  • $79,910


    Vega Automation Jamb Machines available for immediate sale.  This listing includes (3) jamb machines with magazine fed tables which allows the operator to load jambs for automatic feeding.  This first jamb machine is a DPM-4CML used for cutting jambs to length and machining for dado’s on both ends of the jamb.  The second machine is a DJP-4L auto hinge...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items