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  • FH10053

    Versatile and fast, the Diamond is a great fit for producers of residential prehungs, architectural doors, or commercial doors.  This simple yet efficient machine features automatic lock/latch drills, faceplate mortising, hinge mortising in door and jamb, and a power-fed door beveller.  8-0 capable.  Available for immediate shipment. Check with OEM on the...

  • $70,000


    Norfield E Series Magnum & 260MX.  The E Series Magnum is Norfield’s newest & most advanced vertical door machine.   Perfect machine for any size doorshop capable of machining interior, exterior, commercial & architectural doors.  The 260MX is the newest Norfield manual strike jamb router with the ability to machine interior & exterior...

  • $14,850


    Versatile, fast, and affordable, this “rev” Magnum is a great starter machine for a new prehung door shop.  Hang nearly any type or size door – 8-0 capable, accepts raised mouldings, tilting hinge router for double-beveled doors, automatic lock and latch drills, infinitely flexible hinge locations.  The Magnum also features an integrated, power-fed door...

  • $35,000


    The Norfield Signature Series Magnum is the most popular door machine in the industry.  Create a consistent product every time, with any specs (including 8-0), thanks to the versatility of a Magnum. This machine included a second Butt Router Carriage so you can mortise 5/8R and 1/4R hinges with out any change over (router motor not included and will need...

  • $7,870


    Affordable and fast, the 925 processes the door, hinge jamb, AND strike jamb all automatically in one compact machine.  This example features a programmable logic controller for more reliable performance than earlier systems.  Set up and running, available for immediate shipment. *Special Note: seller also offering a Full House Assembler which can be...

  • $71,590


    Produce a 6’8” or 7' prehung door unit every 1-1/2 to 2 minutes with this complete line from Ruvo.  Included in this package: the model 2002 Automatic Door Loader; the model 928 Automatic Door Machine; and model 1278 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  Added bonus - no separate strike jamb machine needed; the 928 preps the door and both jambs...

  • $17,325


    Cut exterior and commercial door prep time dramatically with the DP Edge.  This machine facilitates machining doors for hinges, deep pocket mortises, multi-point locks, and even includes an option for machining top and bottom rails.  Only used for a couple months, condition is excellent.  Available for immediate sale.Check with OEM on the level of...

  • $5,100


    1970 Norfield Magnum available for immediate sale. Prep door and jamb for hinges, and prep the door for lock, latch, and latch plate in just seconds with the Norfield Magnum door machine. This is a legacy machine that is no longer serviced by the OEM and has limited technical and parts support.

  • $39,500


    KVAL Commander and 555 Sizer available for immediate sale.  The Commander will process doors from 6’-8” to 8’-0” tall both interior and exterior.  Included is the 555 Sizer which is used for beveling the lock side of the door.  Both machines have been maintained by a KVAL technician and are ready to ship. When purchasing any used machine, consult your...

  • $43,817


    The Norfield Signature Series Magnum is the perfect pre-hung door machine to start or expand your shop.  Create a consistent product every time, with any specs (including 8-0), thanks to the versatility of a Magnum. Save time, money and increase production with the most popular door machine in the industry.  Reconditioned at Norfield, price includes a...

  • $24,600


    Produce prehung doors up to 8-0 quickly, easily, and safely with the Full House Diamond.  Automatic drills bore lock and latch holes while the operator mortises hinge pockets in both door and jamb.  Move the door a few inches to rout the faceplate pocket with a built-in jig.  Full House’s innovative design allows for quick change-overs between door...

  • $5,700 $6,700


    Ruvo 500 available for immediate sale. The 500 has the ability to size/bevel, drill for lock and latch and mortise for faceplate and hinges. Process residential, architectural, or commercial wood doors up to 4-0 x 8-0 and up to 1-3/4” thick.  When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM technical support.

    $5,700 $6,700
Showing 1 - 12 of 17 items