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  • $52,500


    2019 FullHouse Diamond DLX & Striker XL available for sale.  The Diamond DLX is the current manufactured FullHouse vertical door machine and automatically adjusts from interior to exterior doors.  Includes double sided face boring eliminating the need to change back up blocks (no blow out / splitting).  The DLX utilizes touch screen controls...

  • $41,760


    The 4000 is the workhorse of the industry.  This complete automated line is well suited to 50-250 prehung doors/day.  Includes the 4200 Door Loader, 4000MC Door Machine (with auto hinge mortising and lock prep), and 4100 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine. FOB VA

  • $13,850


    Enjoy speed, precision, and versatility with the legendary Norfield Magnum.  The Mag is perfect for both standard doors and customs up to 8-0 high and 4-0 wide.  Lock drilling is automatic, and a power-fed door beveller is built-in.  This version of the Magnum will also process raised moulding doors.  FOB VA This is a legacy machine that is no longer...

  • $12,410


    Pre-hang 6-8’s, 8-0’s, and specials quickly and easily with the Ruvo 505.  Lock and latch drills cycle automatically while the operator mortises door and jamb for hinges, then the machine becomes the ideal jig for hinge application.  Faceplate mortising is built-in and the 505 also features a power-fed door beveler. FOB OH Check with OEM on the level of...

  • $47,317


    A fine example of the #1 selling door machine on the market.  The legendary Signature Magnum combines speed with infinite flexibility.  Well suited for 25-100+ doors/day, the Mag runs doors up to 4-0 x 9-0 with quick change-overs, and handles specials such as cut-downs and custom doors.  This Magnum also features a power-fed door sizer/beveller with edge...

  • $36,700


    Enjoy automation and simplicity in the same machine.  The 4000 automatically mortises door and jamb for hinges, and preps the door for lock.  Begin applying hinges only 8 seconds after cycle start, for an output speed of about 90 seconds/door.  The package also includes a 4100 automatic assembly machine with guns.  Available for immediate sale. FOB VA

  • $88,000


    2005 Norfield 5000 System available for immediate sale.  The 5000 is a complete prehung production system including the 5200 Automatic Loader, 5000 Machining Center with predrills and hinge applicators, and the 5100 Automatic Assembly Machine. Cycle time is 40-60 seconds/door; capable of 250-500 doors/day.  Training and installation available. FOB MI

  • $7,000


    Norfield Pro Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Pro is capable of producing prehung doors up to 3-0 x 7-0, interior or exterior.  This machine includes an integrated door beveller and automatic lock and latch boring. This machine has the DeWalt 616 upgrade for the hinge router and was in use up until the summer of 2020.  FOB MO...

  • $9,870 $13,170


    Enter the high volume prehung door business at a bargain price.  The Ruvo 925 automatically mortises 2 or 3 hinge pockets in the door and the jamb, preps the door for lock in the face and edge, AND preps the strike jamb, all in about 45 seconds.  This 925 may be fed by the included model 2002 automatic door loader, which increases throughput speed and...

    $9,870 $13,170
  • $96,400


    Produce high volumes of 6/8’s AND 8/0’s with the Norfield Eagle automatic door line.  This complete system includes:        Model 530 Automatic Door Loader         Model Eagle MC Automatic Door Machine w/Ball Catch Drills         Eagle Automatic Hinge Applicator with Screwfeeding         Model 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine  This Eagle is...

  • $5,000


    1980 Norfield Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Norfield Magnum is capable of machining doors up to 8’0” in height and 4’-0” in width.  Includes beveling, lock and latch drilling, hinge mortising and faceplate routing features.  This machine has been disconnected for several years and will require a tune up and some parts.  Priced accordingly....

  • $25,500


    1997 Norfield “95 Mag” available for immediate sale.  The 95 Magnum was the first vertical door machine to introduce infinite door width adjustment, DC variable speed power feed and a long list of improvements over the previous industry leading vertical machine.  This machine was in use up until disconnected from service in August of 2020.  This machine...

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items