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  • KV10068

    KVAL Commander & 920C Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Commander is capable of running interior, exterior or commercial doors.  This machine will automatically hinge mortise the door and jamb together while the lock side preps for latch, faceplate and lock bore.  The 920C is a manual strike jamb router capable of machining both...

  • $12,790


    This automatic loader provides a huge efficiency boost to any horizontal door line by eliminating 10-20 operator steps for door retrieval.  Further, the opportunity for back injuries due to lifting is eliminated.  Feed from a stack of various sizes, up to a 60 count (of interiors.)  When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person...

  • $12,000


    2019 FullHouse Vertical Door Loader available for immediate sale.  This loader is designed to automatically pick doors from a stack, lifts then turns the door to a vertical position ready to be fed into a vertical door machine.  This loader helps reduce operator fatigue and helps eliminate damage to doors by handling them by hand.  Ideal for any size door...

  • $4,120


    2019 Norfield 360S Rotating Tilt Table available for immediate sale.  The 360S is a pneumatic staging table for orienting a door unit in the correct position for finishing, packaging or shipping.  This machine has been modified to also feed or unload a vertical door machine. When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM...

  • $17,880


    Save labor and produce consistent, high quality prehungs with the Kval 700.  Place this machine at the outfeed end of a horizontal door machine.  The single operator pre-sets the head and strike jambs; when the door arrives s/he clamps and fastens both corners in just seconds.  This machine includes the 8-0 option, and also quick change for varying jamb...

  • FH10066

    For high output of residential interior and exterior prehungs, this 484-T System fits the bill.  The line includes a full sized automatic door Loader, the 484 door machine with auto hinge mortising, lock prep, and ball catch drilling, and the Assembler automatic door frame assembly machine.  Quick change-overs between 6-8 and 8-0 doors, hinge sizes, door...

  • $8,400


    The legendary Norfield Magnum is perfect for the start-up prehung door shop.  The Mag processes interior and exterior doors up to 8-0 tall; mortises hinge pockets in door and jamb, automatically drills lock and latch, and mortises the door edge for faceplate.  The Magnum ALSO features a power-fed door beveller with edge easing sanders.  Available for...

  • $32,790


    For high speed production of 80” prehungs, the 4000 is excellent.  The 4000’s clever design enables the operator to begin hinge installation only 8 seconds after cycle start.  As he sets the hinge screws, the machine automatically drills and routs the door for lock, latch, and faceplate.  This package also includes the model 4200 Door Loader, which...

  • $56,129


    Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Signature Series Magnum is the most popular vertical door machine in the market and can be used to machine interior, exterior, commercial and architectural doors.  Capable of prehanging up to 100 + doors day.  Includes two index bars, predrill and screw driver.  This Magnum has been...

  • $24,970


    Norfield “95” Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Magnum has been the industry leader for vertical door machines for over 50 years.  The Magnum will bevel, drill for lock and latch and mortise for hinge and faceplate.  Capable of machining both interior and exterior doors.  Includes screw driver, predrill, 2 index bars and vacuum.  

  • $52,000 $62,340


    Norfield Signature Series Magnum, Loader and Unloader available immediately.  This line includes the Magnum Door Loader for assisted feeding of doors into the Magnum.  The Signature Series Magnum is one of the most popular vertical door machines on the market capable of machining interior, exterior and commercial doors.  The Magnum Unloader takes the door...

    $52,000 $62,340
  • $8,500


    Norfield Pro Door Machine & 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Pro has the ability to bevel, drill for lock and latch and mortise for hinge and faceplate.  Included is a 250M Strike Router for processing the strike jambs.  Both machines are still in use and are ready to go. This is a legacy machine that is no longer serviced by the...

Showing 1 - 12 of 23 items