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  • FH10031

    This affordable Diamond door machine is a great fit for a small or start-up door shop.  The Diamond processes a wide range of doors including 8-0, and changes over quickly from one configuration to another using a unique rotating index bar.  No beveler is included but doors can be staged on the long infeed bed. F.O.B Ontario Canada

  • KV10037

    This automatic door-only machine is designed for commercial and architectural doors requiring hinges up to 4-1/2".  Features 3 automatic hinge routers and automatic lock prep.  New Beckhoff programmable logic controller installed 2 years ago. FOB Ontario Canada.

  • NF10214

    2005 Norfield Signature Series Magnum and 250M Strike Jamb Router available for immediate sale.  The Magnum will process interior, exterior, commercial and architectural doors up to 8’-0” tall and 4’-0” wide.  The 250M Strike Router helps complete a prehung door unit by machining the strike plates for the jamb.   FOB British Columbia, Canada.

  • NF10213

    The Magnum is capable of producing interior and exterior doors up to 8-0 height; integrated door beveler.  For 10 years it hasn't run and has been in storage. F.o.b. CA.

  • NF10212

    Great machine for small or start-up door operation.  8-0 capable; quick change between door thicknesses and hinge sizes; integrated door beveller. Machine runs, it needs some new bushings and possible some other wear items. Needs a little TLC but will produce for years to come.  This listing includes a 1020. F.O.B. SC

  • NF10211G

    The most popular machine in the industry, the Norfield Magnum is the do-anything door machine.  The Mag is ideally suited for prehanging residential doors, exterior doors, architectural, or commercial doors.  Positive stops enable repeatability for standard hinge/lock configurations, but the Mag also allows for easy set up for special hardware patterns...

  • $16,700


    Rebuilt in 2009 by Builders Automation Machinery, then only used lightly for 2 years.  Prep all three prehung door parts in one machine: the 925 automatically mortises for hinges in door and jamb, drills and mortises for lock, AND drills and mortises the strike jamb.  With a 45-second cycle, the 925 is well suited for 50-250 prehungs/day.  Available for...

  • $9,500


    Full House’s answer to the Norfield Magnum, the Diamond is a simple and versatile prehung door machine with an integrated door beveller and 8-0 capability.  Other features include: quick change hinge/lock locations; automatic lock and latch drills; and a secondary drill for deadbolt holes.  Available for immediate sale.

  • NF10205G

    Norfield’s fastest prehung door machine, this 5000HS (High Speed option) is capable of producing a finished prehung unit every 25-30 seconds, equivalent to 600-800 doors/day.  This complete system includes the model 530 automatic loader, and model 540 automatic assembly machine.  Key features:         Double-bowl automatic screwfeeding         Automatic...

  • $15,000 $30,000


    This 5000 System includes a 5000MC door machine with automatic predrills, and 3 hinge applicators, and the 5100 automatic door frame assembly machine with staple guns. The 5000 and 5100 are ready to use, and there is a non-functioning 5200 door loader included.  This system was built in 1997.  FOB North Carolina 

    $15,000 $30,000
  • $7,600


    This machine is well-suited to the small or start-up door shop.  Machines the door and jamb for hinges, mortises for faceplate, and automatically drills lock and latch holes; 8-0 capable, interiors or exteriors.  The Magnum also includes a power-fed door beveler.  Upgraded hinge routing carriage will tilt for flush hinges in double beveled doors.  Some...

  • $12,000 $15,000


    1989 Norfield Magnum & 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Magnum bevels / sizes doors, machines for door hinges on both the door and the jamb while the drill section automatically bores for lock and latch.  This machine includes pneumatic jamb clamping and raised moulding capability, and a dust collection vacuum. The 250M processes...

    $12,000 $15,000
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