Used Machinery Rating

five_stars.pngLike new condition / or rebuilt. Machine is free of any significant wear or damage. Buyer should expect to be up and running with little additional cost beyond freight and optional training.
four_half_stars.pngNear new condition. Machine has been upgraded and is just shy of new or rebuilt.
four_stars.pngExcellent condition. Machine is in good operational condition and is ready for production. May show signs of wear.
three_half_stars.pngGreat condition. Machine is in good operational condition and is currently in use.
three_stars.pngGood condition. Machine was in operation when removed from use. May require tune up once installed
two_half_stars.pngDecent condition. Machine is operational but requires service / tune up.
two_stars.pngFair condition. Machine requires attention and may or may not be in running condition.
one_half_stars.pngDeteriorated condition. Machine may be rusted and or require paint. Will need service to be in running condition.
one_stars.pngPoor condition. Machine is not operational. Has not been used for some amount of time.
half_star.pngVery poor condition. Machine may be salvaged for parts.