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  • $2,500


    The 250H was designed to do hinges.  FOB  ID

  • $6,500


    1972 Norfield Pro Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Pro is capable of producing prehung doors up to 3-0 x 7-0, interior or exterior.  This machine does not have a faceplate router. This machine would be perfect for a start up shop or a second machine to do one-offs.  FOB ID This is a legacy machine that is no longer serviced by...

  • $10,000 $20,000


    KVAL 990 F2 Door Prehanging System available for immediate sale.  This line includes the loader, machining center and assembly center capable of producing between 200-300 doors per shift.  The 990 includes the “six shooter” which applies each hinge with auto screw feeding.  This system has just been replaced with a new system and was in use up to 2 weeks...

    $10,000 $20,000
  • $13,790


    Produce a high volume of door casing in a short time.  The flow-thru 1020 is fully automated: load material into the hopper, and the machine automatically feeds each piece, cuts both ends (heads and legs) and ejects the piece out the rear onto a cart.  Throughput rate is about 20 pieces/minute.  Change-overs for length and angles is quick and easy. FOB MD

  • $9,610


    Speed up production with reduced product handling and minimized worker motion. The Time Fold Series exterior door assembly line features a lite insertion platform, head/sill clamps, and the Tilt Master for offloading finished units.  Complete parts support is available from Norfield. FOB New Jersey

  • $9,800


    Are you cutting trim with a chop saw?  Save hours every day with the Trimmer automatic casing cutter.  Here’s how it works: place the stick in the Trimmer – the machine clamps the piece, cuts both ends simultaneously (legs or heads), then ejects the piece out the back of the machine for a fast, flow-through process.  Important note: the Trimmer is much...

  • $2,100


    Produce interior or exterior strike jambs with this fast, simple machine.  Integrated stops ensure an exact, consistent prep location; pedal-actuated pneumatic clamps hold material in place.  And the template-based assembly allows for an infinite variety of mortise shapes, including deadbolts, t-strikes, hinges, etc.  Available for immediate sale. F.O.B...

  • $8,200


    Prep door and jamb for hinges, and prep the door for lock in just seconds with the Norfield Magnum door machine. The “Mag” handles interior, exterior, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 wide x 8-0 high. A doors sizer/beveler with edge-easing sanders is also integrated into the machine. Available for immediate shipment. FOB UT This is a legacy...

  • $2,560


    Prep your strike jambs quickly and easily with the Striker.  Integrated stops eliminate measuring and marking for standard height jambs, and the simple template system allows for quick changes to other shapes (such as a no-lip deadbolt prep.)  Use the Striker for prepping ball catch jamb heads too.  Available for immediate shipment. F.O.B NJ   Check with...

  • $2,780


    Save 30 seconds per door.  Instead of fumbling with screws in your left hand and running the screwdriver with your right, the SA-1.5 automatically feeds hinge screws to the tip of the screwdriver, so the operator can drive screws much faster, which translates into more doors in the same time period.  This screwfeeder features a pistol-grip tool so it’s...

  • $38,800 $47,400


    Produce 100-300 6’8” prehungs/day with this complete prehung door system which includes 4200 Loader, 4000 Auto Door Machine, and 4100 Auto Assembly Machine.  This line is in great shape and currently in use.  The 4200 lifts and feeds the door, the 4000 automatically mortises all three hinges (in about 8 seconds) and preps the door for lock, and the 4100...

    $38,800 $47,400
  • $52,500


    2019 FullHouse Diamond DLX & Striker XL available for sale.  The Diamond DLX is the current manufactured FullHouse vertical door machine and automatically adjusts from interior to exterior doors.  Includes double sided face boring eliminating the need to change back up blocks (no blow out / splitting).  The DLX utilizes touch screen controls...

Showing 13 - 24 of 48 items