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  • $7,000 $9,000


    FullHouse Stop Stitcher available for immediate sale.  The FTSS is a high production semi-automated machine that applies stop to flat jambs.  This machine is currently in use and ready to go.  Ideal for any size shop.  FOB CA  

    $7,000 $9,000
  • $10,650 $12,000


    One Stop Cabinet Shop Perfect for a new shop or a shop looking to expand. The legendary Norfield V85 Fast Framer combined with the V55 Assembly Clamp Table will allow fast and efficient production of face frames. The Holzher Vertical Panel Saw has been around the block a few times but still works. And you’ll get a Grizzly 10” table saw as well. FOB CA

    $10,650 $12,000
  • $10,000 $12,000


    2002 Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale. The 3800 processes metal, wood and fiberglass exterior doors for door lites and lock installation. This LR Model includes latch drilling, faceplate routing.  Currently in use and ready to sell.   Installation and training available. F.O.B. Texas

    $10,000 $12,000
  • $1,000 $3,700


    Ruvo 9710 Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 9710 is capable of door lites with the use of templates for various designs.  This machine was used for cutting garage door panels but can be easily converted back to its original intended use of cutting door lites for exterior doors.  Installation and training available at an additional cost....

    $1,000 $3,700
  • $19,750 $21,400


    The all-in-one 8000E makes quick work of door prehanging for small or large shops alike.  The following functions are all automatic and cycle simultaneously: hinge mortising in door and jamb, lock prep in door, AND strike jamb prep (no separate strike jamb machine required). Capable of processing 8-0 doors.  A graphical touch-screen control panel...

    $19,750 $21,400
  • $3,600 $4,600


    Among swing-arm-style lite cutters, the Norfield 3800 is the most robust and best supported machine on the market.  The 3800 will cut out an infinite variety of lite shapes using user-made plywood templates.  The machine also features an integrated lock bore template. F.O.B. AL

    $3,600 $4,600
  • $14,500 $16,500


    The 3800 is a staple in the exterior door industry.  The heavy duty cutting arm follows a lite template placed on the door or in the Overhead Template Holder, an option included with this machine.  This basic 3800 also features lite cutting and lock boring (but not latch drilling or f/p mortising.)  Condition is very good due to a recent rebuild, and the...

    $14,500 $16,500
  • $16,500 $18,500


    The 1020 is a legendary casing saw in the door industry due to over 900 examples in the field.  This hopper-fed machine will cut casing heads and legs for doors up to 8-0, and at a rate of up to 25 ppm.  The 1020 will mitre casing up to 3-1/2" wide, and undercut up to 7º for brickmould sill cuts.  Condition is excellent due to a recent rebuild.  Available...

    $16,500 $18,500
  • $16,500 $18,500


    The original Stop Stitcher, the model 450 automatically attaches door stop to leg and head jambs at a rate of 10 jambs/minute.  Stop backset is precise, as is fastener quantity and location.  The Stitcher relieves the bottleneck in a prehung door line as it eliminates time on the line for manual stop installation.  Rebuilt with 90-day parts warranty from...

    $16,500 $18,500
  • $5,000 $30,000


    This 5000 System includes a 5000MC door machine with automatic predrills, and 3 hinge applicators, and the 5100 automatic door frame assembly machine with staple guns. The 5000 and 5100 are ready to use, and there is a non-functioning 5200 door loader included.  This system was built in 1997.  FOB North Carolina 

    $5,000 $30,000
  • $159,000 $175,000


         Complete 3-stage Eagle prehung door system capable of 400+ doors/day, including 8-0’s.  Features: Model 530 Automatic Door Loader – feeds from 7’-high door stack of various widths Eagle machining center with auto predrills and hinge applicator Model 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine with staplers and shipping nailers 90-day parts warranty...

    $159,000 $175,000
  • $18,500 $27,500


    1992 Norfield 5000 System available for immediate sale.  The 5000 is a complete prehung production system including the 5200 Automatic Loader, 5000 Machining Center with predrills and hinge applicators, and the 5100 Automatic Assembly Machine. Cycle time is 40-60 seconds/door; capable of 250-500 doors/day.  Training and installation available.  FOB Texas 

    $18,500 $27,500
Showing 1 - 12 of 16 items