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  • $65,000 $75,000


    2007 Ruvo 930 Hercules line available for sale.  The Ruvo 930 is an interior/exterior pre-hung door machine with the ability to machine the door, hinge jamb and strike jamb at the same time.  The 930 is capable of machining doors up to 8’-0” tall and up to 4”-0” wide.  This system includes a 2007 Ruvo 2002 Door Loader and a Wise Assembly Center.  This a...

    $65,000 $75,000
  • $34,800 $36,800


    The “Sig Mag” is the #1 best-selling used door machine on the market.  Many users produce over 100 prehungs per day. With infinite flexibility, the Magnum will process residential, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 x 8-0.  The Mag also features a power-fed door sizer/beveler.  Outstanding parts and service support available from Norfield.  This...

    $34,800 $36,800
  • $18,500 $27,500


    1992 Norfield 5000 System available for immediate sale.  The 5000 is a complete prehung production system including the 5200 Automatic Loader, 5000 Machining Center with predrills and hinge applicators, and the 5100 Automatic Assembly Machine. Cycle time is 40-60 seconds/door; capable of 250-500 doors/day.  Training and installation available.  FOB Texas 

    $18,500 $27,500
  • $15,100 $19,700


    The 700C assembles residential interior prehung door frames with one operator. Usually positioned following a horizontal automatic door machine, this electronically controlled machine cycles in about 20 seconds, consistent with production of 200-600 doors/day. Very good condition and available for immediate sale. F.O.B. IL. Check with OEM on the level of...

    $15,100 $19,700
  • $14,500 $16,500


    The 3800 is a staple in the exterior door industry.  The heavy duty cutting arm follows a lite template placed on the door or in the Overhead Template Holder, an option included with this machine.  This basic 3800 also features lite cutting and lock boring (but not latch drilling or f/p mortising.)  Condition is very good due to a recent rebuild, and the...

    $14,500 $16,500
  • $5,250 $6,900


    The Trimmer enables fast production of casing legs and heads thanks to the double-ended automatic cutting cycle and flow-through design.  Available for immediate sale.  FLCheck with OEM on the level of technical support for this machine

    $5,250 $6,900
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  • $4,975 $12,000


    Perfect for a new shop or a shop looking to expand. The legendary Norfield V85 Fast Framer will allow fast and efficient production of face frames.  FOB CA

    $4,975 $12,000
  • $2,200 $3,300


    The 700V uses the same beveller assembly as found on the Norfield Magnum. This machine features a 5 hp beveller motor, dual power feed wheels to control feed rate, and adjustable flap sanding wheels to ease the sharp corners for a finished door stile. F.o.b. OH.

    $2,200 $3,300
  • $2,000 $2,500


    Accurately size and bevel your interior or exterior doors to width with the RUVO 1100 Door Sizer and Beveler. It can make 90 ° or bevel cuts and it comes with an easily adjustable bevel angle. Adjust for any door width between 16" and 48", in 2" increments. This machine available for immediate sale. F.O.B. MI Check with OEM on the level of technical...

    $2,000 $2,500
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  • $1,000 $3,700


    Ruvo 9710 Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 9710 is capable of door lites with the use of templates for various designs.  This machine was used for cutting garage door panels but can be easily converted back to its original intended use of cutting door lites for exterior doors.  Installation and training available at an additional cost....

    $1,000 $3,700
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