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  • $18,600 $20,400


    This 3800 includes powered latch drill, faceplate mortisor, and Overhead Template, a very sought-after option.  The Norfield-made “drop-bar template” overhead allows production of 9-lites and 15-lites without handling a template.  Also, the OHT holds any other shape template which speeds throughput when multiple doors with the same lite are required.  The...

    $18,600 $20,400
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  • $8,900 $9,550


    The high production, double-ended 1020 is an automatic, hopper-fed, flow through casing saw.  Processes legs and heads up to about 25 ppm.  Heads also tilt for undercut up to 10 degrees, suitable for brickmould sill cuts or slight undercut on interior casing mitres.

    $8,900 $9,550
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  • $3,800 $4,280


    Perfect for the small to medium sized prehung door shop, the double-ended Ruvo 808 can produce 8-12 pieces per minute, casing or stop, legs or heads.  An added benefit of the 808 is its compact footprint – feed & eject are both on the same side, so the machine can be positioned against a wall.

    $3,800 $4,280
  • $15,800


    2004 Norfield 1020K Trim Saw available for immediate sale.  This machine is designed to miter casing/trim up to 3-1/2” wide and up to 25 pieces per minute.   Kerfing option has been removed from this machine and will include upgraded guards.  Serviced and tuned up by a Norfield Technician and includes a 90 day parts warranty. Installation and training...

  • $159,000 $175,000


         Complete 3-stage Eagle prehung door system capable of 400+ doors/day, including 8-0’s.  Features: Model 530 Automatic Door Loader – feeds from 7’-high door stack of various widths Eagle machining center with auto predrills and hinge applicator Model 540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine with staplers and shipping nailers 90-day parts warranty...

    $159,000 $175,000
  • $28,800 $37,700


    The 4000 is an automatic prehung door machine capable of producing up to 300 doors/day. Functions include automatic hinge mortising in the door and hinge jamb, and automatic lock boring and mortising in the door.  The included model 4200 loader feeds each door into the 4000, saving operator steps and strain.  This package is a doorshop Certified Pre-Owned...

    $28,800 $37,700
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