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    • $13,750


      This machine is well-suited for the small or start-up door shop.  Machines the door and jamb for hinges, mortises for faceplate, and automatically drills lock and latch holes; 8-0 capable, interiors or exterior doors.  The Magnum also includes a power-fed door beveler.   Service technician inspected and machine is fully functional.  Available for...

    • $5,450


      1974 Norfield Pro Door & Jamb Machine available for immediate sale.  The Pro is capable of producing prehung doors up to 3-0 x 7-0, interior or exterior.  This machine includes a integrated door beveller and automatic lock and latch boring.  Installation and training available.  FOB AL

    • $27,500 $29,800


      The Norfield Magnum is the best-selling used door machine on the market, and the Magnum-95 is one of the most popular style of Magnum.    This machine has been fully upgraded with a new FRL, upgraded faceplace router assembly, upgraded Butt Router assembly, new insert lock & latch bits, rebuilt door clamps, new foot pedals, new Powerfeed wheels &...

      $27,500 $29,800
    • $17,500


      2006 Ruvo 505 Pre-Hung Door Machine available for immediate sale.  The 505 will bevel doors, machine for lock, latch and faceplate and mortise hinges for the door and jamb.  Capable of machining doors up to 8’-0” in height and up to 4’-0” in width.  Ideal for interior, exterior or commercial doors.  Installation and training available at an additional...

    • $12,695


      The Pro is ideally suited for prehanging residential doors, exterior doors, architectural, or commercial doors.  Positive stops enable repeatability for standard hinge/lock configurations, but the Pro also allows for easy set up for special hardware patterns and custom door sizes up to 7-0. The inclusion of both the Norfield Unloader & Norfield 4100...

    • $4,900


      The Magnum is capable of producing interior and exterior doors up to 8-0 height; integrated door beveler.  For 10 years it hasn't run and has been in storage. F.o.b. CA.

    • $9,500


      Full House’s answer to the Norfield Magnum, the Diamond is a simple and versatile prehung door machine with an integrated door beveller and 8-0 capability.  Other features include: quick change hinge/lock locations; automatic lock and latch drills; and a secondary drill for deadbolt holes.  Available for immediate sale.

    • $22,300


      The Norfield Magnum is the best-selling used door machine on the market, and the Magnum-95 is the most popular style of Magnum.  Features include: infinite door width adjustment; 8-0 door capability with quick change-overs to other heights; integrated heavy-duty door beveler; raised moulding capability; automatic lock drilling; and power-assisted...

    Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items