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  • NF10370C

    Save time, improve quality, and increase profits with the Norfield 450 Stop Stitcher.  The 450 pre-applies stop to flat jambs at a rate of 8-10 jambs/minute, which eliminates this efficiency bottleneck on your prehung door production line.  As a bonus, the 450 ensures a higher quality product: correct staple count, position, countersink, and consistent...

  • NF10369

    The Norfield Magnum is the industry standard for a reason: it’s fast, infinitely versatile, and reliable. Prep and apply hinges on door and jambs, lock and latch bore, and face plate mortise. The Magnum also features a built-in heavy-duty, power-fed door beveller. Dust collector included. Available for immediate sale. The 250M preps your strike jambs in...

  • NF10368C

    Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Signature Series Magnum is the most popular vertical door machine in the market and can be used to machine interior, exterior, commercial and architectural doors.  Capable of prehanging up to 100 doors per day this Magnum has been recently tuned up by a Norfield trained technician and...

  • RV10054

    The popular Ruvo 925 door machine contains numerous automatic functions in one compact workstation: auto hinge mortising in the door and hinge jamb, auto lock prep, AND auto strike jamb prep.  The 925 is well suited to a shop requiring 50-200 prehungs/day.  This particular copy is the later style featuring a programmable logic controller, a big...

  • RV10055

    Great starter machine for an exterior shop in need of a faster, safer method for cutting out door lite openings.  Place a template on the door surface and cut through both skins simultaneously.  Also, the 9715 features a latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  Available for immediate sale. FOB NJ Check with OEM on the level of technical support for this machine

  • FH10046

    Mortise hinge jambs quickly and easily with this Full House jamb router.  Quick change stop bars enable multiple spacing patterns with no-tool change-overs.  Available for immediate sale. FOB NJ Check with OEM on the level of technical support for this machine

  • NF10367

    The 250M is the most popular machine in the prehung door industry.  This simple machine enables an operator to prep 3-4 strike jambs per minute.  An infinite variety of templates are available from Norfield, including full lip, deadbolt, and ball catch templates.  Available for immediate sale.  FOB NJ

  • NF10366

    2007 Norfield 3800LRO Door lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LRO features door lite cutting, face boring, latch drilling and faceplate routing for wood, steel and fiberglass doors.  This model includes the much desired overhead template system for half and full lites.  Was in use before being disconnected.  FOB TX

  • NF10365

    The Norfield Magnum is the industry standard for a reason: it’s fast, infinitely versatile, and reliable.  You can mortise the door and jamb, prep the door for lock, and apply the hinges in about 3 minutes.  This Mag includes several index bars for quick change-overs between different door configurations, including 8-0’s.  The Magnum also features a...

  • KV10049

    Strike Jamb Routing Door Machine is a versatile solution for full-lip, T-strike, double-plunge, and closed mortise deadbolt plates up to 12” long. Templates rapidly interchange for different plate patterns. Design features include a ruggedly built framework and a heavy-duty router. Both flat and split jambs may be machined for lock preparation. FOB ID...

  • NF10364

    Norfield Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Magnum has the ability to prehang interior, exterior and commercial doors and includes features such as beveling, lock boring, latch boring, faceplate & hinge mortising.  Capable of producing up to 100 doors per shift.  FOB OR.This is a legacy machine that is no longer serviced by the OEM and has...

Showing 1 - 11 of 11 items