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  • NF10204

    This 5000 System includes a 5000MC door machine with automatic predrills, and 3 hinge applicators, and the 5100 automatic door frame assembly machine with staple guns. The 5000 and 5100 are ready to use, and there is a non-functioning 5200 door loader included.  This system was built in 1997.  FOB North Carolina 

  • KV10035

    1992 KVAL 555 Door Sizer available for immediate sale.  The 555 is designed to work inline or as a stand-alone machine for beveling / sizing door slabs.  This machine will bevel and under size the door to ensure a perfect reveal.  FOB Colorado.

  • PT10002

    Prep strike jambs at a rate of 2-4 jambs per minute with this template-based, manual strike machine.  Templates are quick-change, and material stops ensure consistent and precise mortise location. 

  • NF10200G

    With over 900 examples in the field, the legendary 1020 is a proven workhorse.  The hopper-fed, automatic 1020 will produce 20-30 pieces per minute, legs or heads.  90’s and 45’s are consistent and precise.  This saw features the dust collection option that can be connected to a vacuum.  If needed, a new dust collector is available for purchase.  

  • NF10202C

    The Sig Mag is our best-selling machine, and this one is a Certified Pre-Owned example.  We will clean and repair this Magnum, and include a 90-day parts warranty.  Legendary in the industry, the Magnum handles interior, exterior, custom, architectural, and commercial doors up to 9-0 with quick change-overs for varying hinges, doors, and jambs.  A 5-hp,...

  • NF10197

    This machine is well-suited to the small or start-up door shop.  Machines the door and jamb for hinges, mortises for faceplate, and automatically drills lock and latch holes; 8-0 capable, interiors or exteriors.  The Magnum also includes a power-fed door beveler.  Upgraded hinge routing carriage will tilt for flush hinges in double beveled doors.  Some...

  • NF10201

    1989 Norfield Magnum & 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Magnum bevels / sizes doors, machines for door hinges on both the door and the jamb while the drill section automatically bores for lock and latch.  This machine includes pneumatic jamb clamping and raised moulding capability.  The 250M processes strike jambs and will...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items