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  • NF10388

    Save time and improve worker safety with the Talon CDS, the perfect tool to facilitate the assembly and transportation of large and heavy non-single exterior door units.  Easy configuration for double doors or units with sidelites and/or transom lites.  Also upon completed assembly, the Talon tilts the door unit to near vertical, where a single worker can...

  • VG10006

    Vega Automation Jamb Machines available for immediate sale.  This listing includes (3) jamb machines with magazine fed tables which allows the operator to load jambs for automatic feeding.  This first jamb machine is a DPM-4CML used for cutting jambs to length and machining for dado’s on both ends of the jamb.  The second machine is a DJP-4L auto hinge...

  • NF10387

    Norfield Signature Series Magnum available for immediate sale.  The Signature Series Magnum is the most popular vertical door machine in the market and can be used to machine interior, exterior, commercial and architectural doors.  Capable of prehanging up to 100 + doors per day this Magnum is ready to continue prehanging!  This machine includes...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items