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  • NF10238

    2007 Norfield Eagle System available for immediate sale.  The Eagle System will machine and prehang doors ranging in size from 6’-8” to 8’-0” with production volumes up to 400 doors per shift.  This system includes the 530L Door Loader, 560S/B Door Sizer, Eagle Machining Center and 540AC Assembly Center.  Options with the Eagle System include; 3-1/2”...

  • $16,750 $18,350


    The 1020 is a precise, double-ended casing saw capable of cutting casing legs and heads at a rate of 20-30 ppm.  This late-model example is a doorshop Certified Pre-Owned which carries a 90-day parts warranty.  Can be demonstrated.  F.o.b. NC.

    $16,750 $18,350
  • $13,750


    This machine is well-suited for the small or start-up door shop.  Machines the door and jamb for hinges, mortises for faceplate, and automatically drills lock and latch holes; 8-0 capable, interiors or exterior doors.  The Magnum also includes a power-fed door beveler.   Service technician inspected and machine is fully functional.  Available for...

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items