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  • NF10296

    Norfield PreHangers Workbench available for immediate sale.  This work bench utilizes fixtures for hinge mortising, lock and latch boring and faceplate routing.  The bench also assists in the assembly of the prehung unit.  Perfect solution for a startup company with limited space and power supply.  FOB CA

  • NF10295G

    If you need 5 doors/day, or 95 doors/day, the Sig Mag can handle it.  With infinite flexibility, the Magnum will process residential, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 x 8-0.  The Mag also features a power-fed door sizer/beveler.  Outstanding parts and service support available from Norfield.  This price includes a 90-day parts guarantee and...

  • NF10294

    Speed up assembly and reduce injuries with the Exterior Door Machine (EDM).  Features include a powered lite insertion platform, door flipping device, and integrated tilt table.  Processes doors up to 8-0.  Like new condition and available for immediate sale.  FOB VA

  • NF10293

    There’s a reason the “Sig Mag” is the most popular door machine on the market: it’s both fast and infinitely flexible.  If you need volume, produce a door every 3 minutes or so.  If you need specials such as 8-0, cut-downs, custom sizes and specs, no-tools change-overs are quick and easy on the Magnum.  This Mag also features an integrated door...

  • NF10292

    Produce a prehung door every 2-3 minutes with this Norfield workhorse.  The 4000 Machining Center performs all of these functions automatically: hinge mortising in door and jamb (completes in about 8 seconds), lock drilling, latch drilling, and faceplate mortising.  This 4000 includes the 4100 companion machine for automated door unit assembly.  In...

  • NF10291G

    The 250M is one of our best-selling machines. This machine does all of your mortising for interior jambs, exterior jambs and ball catch heads. We have hundreds of templates to choose from or we can custom make a template to meet your requirements. This machine has been upgraded with a new  deWalt router. Make your team's job easier with this affordable...

  • NF10290G

    The combination of speed and precision makes the 250M a must-have for any prehung door shop.  At a rate of 2-4 pieces/minute, an unskilled operator can mortise interior jambs, exterior jambs, and ball catch jamb heads using the positive stop system and template-based routing mechanism.  Choose from hundreds of template shapes in Norfield’s library, or...

  • $47,861


    This BRAND NEW 3800 features the Overhead Template Holder, automatic faceplate mortising, and powered latch drill.  As a new Norfield machine, the price also includes a 2-year parts warranty and on-site start-up by a Norfield factory technician.  Available for immediate sale. F.O.B. NC Literature

Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items