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  • NF10495

    Norfield 5000 Machining Center and 5200 Door Loader available for immediate sale.  The Norfield 5000 is an interior 6’-8” high speed prehanging machine which will auto position the door, hinge mortise the door and jamb together, predrill for screws and apply hinges automatically with included screw feeder.  While this is happening the lock and latch are...

  • KV10073

    Prep exterior doors quickly and easily with the Kval DL-2.  No templates required for rectangular cutouts.  This machine includes powered latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  Also, the “DH” designation indicates dual cutting heads.  This means no tooling change when switching between steel and fiberglass doors; just dedicate one head to steel, the other...

  • NF10494

    Norfield Magnum Line available for immediate sale.  This line includes the Magnum Loader, Magnum Door Machine and Magnum Unloader.  The Loader is the proto type machine and is in good working order.  The Magnum includes two hinge routers and has been upgraded to the new DeWalt 616 routers.  Ideal for running interior or exterior doors.  These machines are...

  • FH10075

    2013 FullHouse Striker XL Strike Jamb Router available for immediate sale.  The Striker is capable of mortising interior and exterior jambs for hardware up to 16” in length.  Full lip and deadbolt strike plates can be machined without changing the template or moving the jamb.   When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about...

  • $13,860


    For fast production of standard 6-8 prehungs, this BAM does the trick.  The automatic cycle includes hinge mortising in the door and hinge jamb, lock prep in door, AND strike jamb prep.  This BAM also features the ADP (Automatic Door Positioner), which speeds up throughput by enabling the operator to load jambs while the machine automatically positions...

  • $115,400


    Rare find: late model, 8’-capable, fully automatic prehung door machine with auto strike jamb prep in the machine.  The touchscreen-controlled 930 mortises the door and jamb for hinges, preps the door for lock, AND mortises/bores the strike jamb, all in a 45 second cycle time.  The 930 also adjusts for square or beveled edge doors for clean, flush hinge...

  • $8,900


    1979 Norfield Magnum available for immediate sale.Prep door and jamb for hinges, and prep the door for lock in just seconds with the Norfield Magnum door machine. The Magnum handles interior, exterior, architectural, or commercial doors up to 4-0 wide x 8-0 high. A door sizer/beveler with edge-easing sanders is also integrated into the machine. Machine...

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items