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    • WS10014

      The Wise 8800 is a rare find – fully automatic, 8-0 capable (w/4 hinge routers), AND preps the strike jamb automatically in the same machine. Excellent for a small/medium sized prehung door shop seeking to produce up to 200 door/day. This package includes a Full House Assembler for fast, efficient door frame assembly with only one operator.  Currently...

    • $7,870


      Affordable and fast, the 925 processes the door, hinge jamb, AND strike jamb all automatically in one compact machine.  This example features a programmable logic controller for more reliable performance than earlier systems.  Set up and running, available for immediate shipment. *Special Note: seller also offering a Full House Assembler which can be...

    • $53,600 $71,590


      Produce a 6’8” or 7' prehung door unit every 1-1/2 to 2 minutes with this complete line from Ruvo.  Included in this package: the model 2002 Automatic Door Loader; the model 928 Automatic Door Machine; and model 1278 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  Added bonus - no separate strike jamb machine needed; the 928 preps the door and both jambs...

      $53,600 $71,590
    • $58,850


      The 5000 is the “race car” of prehung door lines, capable of producing 400+ doors/day.  Almost everything is automatic: 5200 door loader feeds from a 60-door stack, 5000MC door machine mortises preps for lock, mortises door and jamb for hinges, predrills all 18 pilot holes, applies two or three hinges simultaneously, and 5100 automatically assembles the...

    • $65,000 $75,000


      2007 Ruvo 930 Hercules line available for sale.  The Ruvo 930 is an interior/exterior pre-hung door machine with the ability to machine the door, hinge jamb and strike jamb at the same time.  The 930 is capable of machining doors up to 8’-0” tall and up to 4”-0” wide.  This system includes a 2007 Ruvo 2002 Door Loader and a Wise Assembly Center.  This a...

      $65,000 $75,000
    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items