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    • NF10495

      Norfield 5000 Machining Center and 5200 Door Loader available for immediate sale.  The Norfield 5000 is an interior 6’-8” high speed prehanging machine which will auto position the door, hinge mortise the door and jamb together, predrill for screws and apply hinges automatically with included screw feeder.  While this is happening the lock and latch are...

    • $13,860


      For fast production of standard 6-8 prehungs, this BAM does the trick.  The automatic cycle includes hinge mortising in the door and hinge jamb, lock prep in door, AND strike jamb prep.  This BAM also features the ADP (Automatic Door Positioner), which speeds up throughput by enabling the operator to load jambs while the machine automatically positions...

    • $115,400


      Rare find: late model, 8’-capable, fully automatic prehung door machine with auto strike jamb prep in the machine.  The touchscreen-controlled 930 mortises the door and jamb for hinges, preps the door for lock, AND mortises/bores the strike jamb, all in a 45 second cycle time.  The 930 also adjusts for square or beveled edge doors for clean, flush hinge...

    • $50,000


      KVAL Commander Line available for immediate sale.  This line includes the KVAL Commander, KVAL Handler (door loader) & FullHouse “Hanger” / Exterior Assembly Table.  The KVAL Commander has the ability to mortise hinge sizes from 3-1/2” to 4-1/2” with 5/8” radius.  While hinges are being mortised the drill section will automatically machine for lock...

    • $53,600 $71,590


      Produce a 6’8” or 7' prehung door unit every 1-1/2 to 2 minutes with this complete line from Ruvo.  Included in this package: the model 2002 Automatic Door Loader; the model 928 Automatic Door Machine; and model 1278 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine.  Added bonus - no separate strike jamb machine needed; the 928 preps the door and both jambs...

      $53,600 $71,590
    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items