Norfield Eagle Automatic Prehung Door System


Produce high volumes of 6/8’s AND 8/0’s.  This complete system includes:

  •         530 Automatic Door Loader
  •         Eagle MC Automatic Door Machine w/Ball Catch Drills
  •         Eagle Automatic Hinge Applicator w/Screwfeeding
  •         540 Automatic Door Frame Assembly Machine

This Eagle is adjustable for flush hinge installation in square or double-beveled doors.  And the simple, graphical touchscreen allows for quick and easy change-overs.  Start-up and Training from a Norfield technician is recommended.  FOB SC

When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM technical support.

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Listing NumberNF10337
Serial numberMC8003

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  • On-screen diagnostics & help screens with pop-up messaging to greatly increase the effectiveness of troubleshooting
  • Integrated system control
  • Raised molding ready
  • Auto door position and door feed
  • Auto and manual width indexing
  • Manual tilt for flush hinge-mortising on double beveled doors
  • Interior/exterior ready for both wood and fiberglass
  • Centrally located ergonomic controls
  • Non-marking rubber rollers
  • Dust collection plumbing
  • Intuitive graphical user interface using a high resolution, full color 7" touchscreen
  • One touch auto change between two different hinge patterns
  • Bypass lock bore machining
  • Auto screwfeeder vacuum system for manual screw changes
  • Auto-start capable for dust collection vacuum


Door Width1’6”3’6”
Door Height6'6"8'0"
Door Thickness1-3/8"1-3/4"
Jamb Width2-1/2"7-1/2"
Jamb Height6'6"8'0"
Jamb Thickness3/8"1-1/2"
Hinge Size3-1/2"4" std
Hinge Radius-5/8"
Hinge butts per door2, 3 or 4
Lock and deadbolt bore
Lock height34-1/2"65-1/2"
Lock bore
Lock height34-1/2"65-1/2"
Faceplate Mortise
Plate width 1-1/2"
Plate length 2-1/2"
Approx. Shipping Weight6,500 lbs
Floor Space10'W x 13'L x 7'6"H
Electrical3PH 208/230V @ 50AMPS
Air50CFM @ 100PSI
1" air supply with 3/4" air line