Assembly Automation SA-1.5 Automatic Screwfeeder


Save 30 seconds per door.  Instead of fumbling with screws in your left hand and running the screwdriver with your right, the SA-1.5 automatically feeds hinge screws to the tip of the screwdriver, so the operator can drive screws much faster, which translates into more doors in the same time period.  This screwfeeder features a pistol-grip tool so it’s suited for horizontal door machines such as the Ruvo 930 or Norfield 4000.  Good parts and technical support available from Assembly Automation.

When purchasing any used machine, consult your doorshop sales person about OEM technical support.


More Information

Listing NumberOT10034
ModelSA-1.5 Automatic Screwfeeder
Manufactured Date2003
BrandAssembly Automation