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    • NF10434

      2006 Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 3800LR is designed to cut door lites and lock bores in wood, fiberglass and steel doors.  The LR option includes edge preparation (latch & faceplate) for wood edge doors.  This machine has been well taken care of and is ready to go.  When purchasing any used machine, consult...

    • $5,890


      This full-featured 3800 includes a powered latch drill and two powered faceplate mortisors, one for wood edge and one for steel edge doors.  Operating a 3800 is fast and simple: place then door on the bed, then place a plywood template on the door; pneumatic clamps hold door and template in place while the operator guides the robust cutting head around...

    • $27,500


      2006 KVAL DL-2 XY Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale. The DL2 is used to cut door lite openings in exterior doors & includes the lock boring, latch drill & faceplate routing. The “X-Y” design eliminates templates for any rectangular shapes, such as 9-lites and 15-lites. For curved shapes, just slide a template into the machine just...

    • $3,400


      Reduce injuries and fatigue while speeding up throughput with the Ruvo 9640.  The table is at a comfortable working height for various operations on an exterior door unit, such as brickmould application.  When the door is complete, press the pedal to tilt the unit to near vertical for easy transfer onto a cart.  Available immediately. When purchasing any...

    • $21,400


      The Hanger Exterior Door Loader is used to feed exterior doors on to the Hanger Assembly Table by the push of a button, eliminating employee back problems, fatigue, damage to product. This Loader works, but will require some repair work to get working smoothly. Last used in March 2021.The Hanger Assembly Station is designed to drastically reduce labor...

    Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items