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    • NF10294

      Speed up assembly and reduce injuries with the Exterior Door Machine (EDM).  Features include a powered lite insertion platform, door flipping device, and integrated tilt table.  Processes doors up to 8-0.  Like new condition and available for immediate sale.  FOB VA

    • $22,800


      After 35+ years on the market, the fast and versatile 3800 remains a popular choice for exterior door shops.  This 3800 cuts out an infinite variety of lite shapes in steel, fiberglass, and wood doors, but also features a powered latch drill and faceplate mortisor.  In addition to an optional 8-0 stop bar, the optional Overhead Template holder is also...

    • $47,861


      This BRAND NEW 3800 features the Overhead Template Holder, automatic faceplate mortising, and powered latch drill.  As a new Norfield machine, the price also includes a 2-year parts warranty and on-site start-up by a Norfield factory technician.  Available for immediate sale. F.O.B. NC Literature

    • $5,000 $7,000


      The 3800 is the preferred machine for processing metal, wood and fiberglass exterior doors for door lites and lock installation. This LR Model includes latch drilling, faceplate routing.  This machine available for immediate sale.  Installation and training available. F.O.B. KS

      $5,000 $7,000
    • $22,800


      With hundreds of copies in daily service, the 3800 is a proven workhorse.  Cut out steel, fiberglass, or wood doors.  Follow a template on the door, or use the Overhead Template Holder for increased efficiency.  This machine also features powered latch drilling and faceplate mortising. Includes on-site start-up from a Norfield technician. FOB NC

    • $18,250


      The premium Kval DL-2 requires no templates for any rectangular lite shapes.  For curved shapes, use the innovative template holder which precludes contact between the template and door skin.  Process steel, fiberglass, or wood doors.  Flow-through design enables fast throughput. F.O.B NC

    • $4,900


      1982 Classic 3800FL will machine wood, fiberglass, and metal doors. Does lite cut out, plus lock, latch, and face plate routing.  F.O.B. MT

    • $10,000 $12,000


      2002 Norfield 3800LR Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale. The 3800 processes metal, wood and fiberglass exterior doors for door lites and lock installation. This LR Model includes latch drilling, faceplate routing.  Currently in use and ready to sell.   Installation and training available. F.O.B. Texas

      $10,000 $12,000
    • $1,000 $3,700


      Ruvo 9710 Door Lite Machine available for immediate sale.  The 9710 is capable of door lites with the use of templates for various designs.  This machine was used for cutting garage door panels but can be easily converted back to its original intended use of cutting door lites for exterior doors.  Installation and training available at an additional cost....

      $1,000 $3,700
    • $3,800


      The 9715 is a simple, fully featured door lite machine capable of cutting out lites, lock holes, latch holes, and mortising the faceplate on the edge of the door.  Well suited to wood, steel, or fiberglass.  This one price includes two machines, early ‘80s and early ‘90s model years. F.O.B OH $3,800 for both machines

    • $1,800 $4,600


      Among swing-arm-style lite cutters, the Norfield 3800 is the most robust and best supported machine on the market.  The 3800 will cut out an infinite variety of lite shapes using user-made plywood templates.  The machine also features an integrated lock bore template. F.O.B. AL

      $1,800 $4,600
    • $14,500 $16,500


      The 3800 is a staple in the exterior door industry.  The heavy duty cutting arm follows a lite template placed on the door or in the Overhead Template Holder, an option included with this machine.  This basic 3800 also features lite cutting and lock boring (but not latch drilling or f/p mortising.)  Condition is very good due to a recent rebuild, and the...

      $14,500 $16,500
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