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  • NF10195

    The Prehanger’s Workbench is the perfect tool for the small or start-up prehung door shop.  More than just a jig, the PWB includes power tools and a pneumatic, pivoting-top clamp table for comfortable and safe working positions. F.O.B. VA

  • $2,750 $3,000


    2008 Norfield 250M Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The 250M is designed to mortise strike plates for lock and dead bolt preparation with over 700 custom templates available for purchase.  This machine has the newer DeWalt 616 router motor and is in excellent condition and ready for use.  FOB California.

    $2,750 $3,000
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    The FH loader automatically draws from a stack of doors up to 7’ high and places each door on a horizontal feed table for presentation to a horizontal door production line.  Well suited to interior or exterior prehung door production.  This example is not currently in service and will require some repair work to be made operational. 

  • $35,000 $40,000


    2015 Dotul Maverick and DT501 Strike Router available for immediate sale.  The Maverick is ideal for producing residential or commercial prehung doors or door slabs.  Standard features include machining doors up to 4’-0” wide and up to 9’-0” tall with raised moulding.  The DT501 utilizes interchangeable templates for processing strike jambs.  FOB Alberta

    $35,000 $40,000
  • $74,500 $81,400


    Capable of a 35-second cycle time, the 5000 is the perfect machine for high production prehung door shops.  The 5000 System includes the 5200 automatic door loader, 5000MC door machine with automatic predrills, screwfeeding, and 3 hinge applicators, and the 5100 automatic door frame assembly machine with staple guns.  This system was rebuilt in 2014 and...

    $74,500 $81,400
  • $10,000 $60,000


    KVAL 990 F2 Door Production System available for sale.  This line includes a 1991 KVAL 990 F2 Machining Center with optional 6 shooter (hinge applicator), a 2000 KVAL 700C Assembly Center (needs new guns) and a 2014 FullHouse Door Loader.  The machinery is in fair condition and is ready to move.  FOB Iowa.

    $10,000 $60,000
  • $3,800 $4,280


    Perfect for the small to medium sized prehung door shop, the double-ended Ruvo 808 can produce 8-12 pieces per minute, casing or stop, legs or heads.  An added benefit of the 808 is its compact footprint – feed & eject are both on the same side, so the machine can be positioned against a wall.

    $3,800 $4,280
  • $4,500 $7,000


    Holz-Her 1528 Case Clamp available for immediate sale. Adjusts easily for different size cabinets. Clamping beams move freely on track guided rollers locking securely to preset stops. FOB Nebraska State.

    $4,500 $7,000
  • $9,000 $12,000


    1990 Norfield 4000 Machining Center & 4200 Door Loader available for immediate sale. The 4000 Machining Center will automatically process lock, latch and faceplate while mortising hinges for the door and hinge jamb. Capable of machining 200-300 doors per shift. Includes the 4200 Door Loader (4100 Assembly Center not included). Installation and...

    $9,000 $12,000
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